Glossary of terms

ADR American Depositary receipt
Btu British thermal unit
EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation
EPC Engineering Procurement and Construction
EVA Etileno Vinil Acetato
FCC Fluid Catalytic Cracker
GLP Gas Licuado de Petróleo
GNL Gas Natural Licuado
GWh Gigawatts per hour
I+D Investigation and development
MTBE Metil terbutil éterr
MW Million Watts
MWe Electrical megawatts
MWh Megawatts per hour
Mbbl Million barrels
Mbep Million barrels of oil equivalent
Mm3 Million cubic metres
Mm3d Million cubic metres per day
Mscf Million standard cubic feet
Mscfd Million standard cubic feet per day
Mta Millions of tonnes
Mtep Millions of tonnes of oil equivalent
OP/SM Propylene oxide/Styrene monomer
PEAD High-density Polyethylene
PEBD Low-density Polyethylene
Payout Percentage of profits used to pay dividends
TCF Trillion cubic feet
URF Fuel Oil Reduction Unit
USD US Dollar
bbl Barrel
bbld Barrels of oil per day
bcf Billion cubic feet
bcm Billion cubic metres
bcma Billions of cubic metres per annum
bep Barrels of oil equivalent
bepd Barrels of oil equivalent per day
bscf Billions of standard cubic feet
kbbl Thousand barrels
kbbl/d Thousand barrels per day
kbep Thousand barrels of oil equivalent
kbepd Thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day
kboe Thousand barrels of oil equivalent
kg Kilogramme
km Kilometre
km2 Square kilometre
kscf Thousand standard cubic feet
kt Thousand tonnes
kta Thousand tonnes per year
m3 Cubic metre
scf Standard cubic feet
t Metric tonne
tep Toe