Low-emissions businesses

Image Low-emissions businesses

The Strategic Plan establishes the development of low-emission businesses as a priority.

Investments in this area will reach 2.5 billion euros between 2018 and 2020, with the aim of reaching 2.5 million retail gas and electricity customers in Spain by 2025.

Along these lines, in November 2018, Repsol acquired Viesgo's unregulated low-emission electricity-generation businesses and its gas and electricity retail business, and started operating the Repsol Electricidad y Gas subsidiary.

Furthermore, we purchased the company Valdesolar Hive, which has a photovoltaic project in Badajoz that will have an installed capacity of 264 megawatts, becoming operational in 2020.

We will also install a floating wind farm off the coast of Portugal, with other partners, with a capacity of 25 MW.