Sustainable mobility

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We are undergoing a transformation in our habits and lifestyle, driven by new urban models, greater environmental and social awareness, and constant progress.

Mobility is one of the fastest-evolving sectors, driven by connectivity, digitalization, collaborative consumption and new forms of energy.

Repsol, a reference in mobility

Repsol is a reference in mobility, facing the challenge of continuing to lead the industry and adapting its offer to anticipate trends and meet customers needs at all times. For this reason, service stations, in addition to offering more advanced and efficient fuels, such as Neotech gasoline and diesel, also offer other alternatives such as AutoGas, automotive natural gas, or electrical charging points.

AutoGas or automotive liquefied petroleum gas is currently the most widely-used alternative fuel in the world. Repsol has 732 supply points throughout Spain. Automotive natural gas, both as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will also be available through the Repsol network of service stations from 2017. The deployment of the supply network is focusing on the main transport corridors, a reference in mobility throughout the country and we expect to close 2019 with eight fully operational points.

Furthermore, Repsol is positioning itself as a protagonist in electric mobility within a recharging network featuring over 1,700 charging points, with over 200 being open to the public. In April this year, we launched the first ultra-fast recharge point in the Iberian Peninsula, at the Lopidana service station (Álava). With the appropriate technology, a vehicle's battery could be charged in just six minutes.

In this area, we also hold a stake in Silence, a company devoted to the development and manufacturing of electric motorcycles which, in 2018, led registrations in the electric mobility sector, with a market share of 60% of motorcycles of this type.

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Another mobility initiative is Wible, a carsharing service that has been operating in Madrid since July 2018. Repsol, which has become the first and only energy company in the country to drive this new mobility model, participates in WiBLE in partnership with Kia, with 500 plug-in hybrid vehicles and over 75,000 users registered in March 2019.

Our wide range of mobility solutions includes participation in collaborative platforms such as WeSmartPark and DriveSmart, cutting-edge companies that develop digital mobility tools. WeSmartPark connects empty parking spaces to drivers looking to park and DriveSmart acts as a driving aid, sharing, through a free app, challenges and rewards for users, to reward optimal driving.

Repsol also has the Waylet app, which facilitates mobile payments throughout its network of service stations and other affiliated centers. Over a million customers have signed up and, in addition to the Repsol network of service stations, it can be used at over 2,600 businesses, which will soon include El Corte Inglés locations.

In addition to advanced fuels, Repsol offers new mobility solutions, such as AutoGas, electric charging points, and WiBLE, a carsharing service

We participate in the widest public network of electric charging points in Spain