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Investing in the energy of the future

Repsol has an investment fund to increase our shareholdings in innovative startups that offer solutions in advanced mobility, new materials, the circular economy, digital technology applied to exploration and production, operational reliability, and the energy transition. The Repsol Corporate Venturing (RCV) fund includes 85 million for the 2016-2020 period. Its goal is to accelerate the development of new technologies that can then be applied to Repsol's industrial businesses and plants.

To achieve this, it is essential for initiatives to have a high potential for commercial deployment, to allow for the early performance of pilot projects, and, if they are successful, for the solutions to be applicable to other areas in the company.

With the help of business units, six priority areas have been identified: technologies to improve process reliability; circular economy projects to reuse resources; advanced mobility, with the development of sustainable fuels or electric mobility; the energy transition, searching for initiatives to diversify the energy supply; technology applied to Exploration and Production that shortens hydrocarbon production cycles; and new materials. By the end of 2018, RCV had stake in over ten startups, such as the Spanish manufacturer of electric scooters Silence, with its own rechargeable battery technology; or Graphenea, one of the main graphene producers in Europe.

More recently, we can mention our collaboration with Wattio, a home-automation company that manufactures devices and comprehensive solutions for the Internet of Things. With an international focus, Repsol Corporate Venturing is supported by a global network of contacts that includes incubators, universities, and Venture Capital departments at other companies.

An example of this international projection is our shareholding in Ample, an emerging company in San Francisco that seeks electric mobility solutions through a novel approval that, through the implementation of autonomous robotics, allows for batteries to be replaced in minutes.

In this sense, we also hold stakes in WeSmartPark and DriveSmart, two mobility companies driven by the new forms of the sharing economy. We are also a partner in the Finnish company Rocsole, which designs sensors that monitor tanks and pipes; and Sorbwater, which develops cutting-edge industrial water treatment technology. In late 2018, we acquired a stake in Nanogap, a Spanish company seeking to apply nanotechnology to the energy sector.

Repsol Corporate Venturing
(RCV) works with a network of incubators, universities,
and other companies
Our investment fund
includes 85 million euros
for the 2016-2020 period