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The talent of our employees is one of the keys to guarantee the company's sustainability. This is why Repsol works to improve its internal organization, facilitate the implementation of new ways to work that are more agile and flexible, which promote new skills, and help us achieve our strategic objectives.

At the end of 2018, Repsol had 25,288 employees, with an average staff age of 42.50 years. In 2018, 3,810 new employees joined the company. Our workforce is distributed across 35 countries and a total of 83 nationalities are represented in it.

Currently, over 1,357 employees work in a country different from their own, which backs our pledge to promote cultural diversity in the workplace. We are convinced that diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture, disability, sexual orientation, age, and professional profile is a factor that boosts performance. To promote equal opportunity, matters related to diversity and inclusion were incorporated into the Code of Ethics and Conduct in 2018.

Furthermore, we have an integration plan for people with disabilities, to be fully implemented by 2020, that encompasses all the people working in every area. By December 31, 2018, we had over 570 employees with disabilities, 2.29% of our worldwide workforce. In Spain, we exceed the minimum target set by law, with a percentage of 2.52% (485 employees through direct recruitment).


Gender diversity

Regarding gender diversity, the percentage of women continues to increase in every group and business. Our goal is to reach a proportion of 31% of women in leadership roles by 2020.

In February 2019, the Board of Directors decided to propose to the Shareholder Meeting the appointment of Aránzazu Estefanía Larrañaga and María Teresa García-Milà Lloveras as Independent Outside Directors. With these appointments, our Board of Directors will exceed the recommendation of the Good Governance Code of Listed Companies issued by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), which is to have at least 30% female directors by 2020.

In Spain, we have an Equal Opportunity Plan seeking to improve the employment conditions of women in terms of their employment and professional careers. Likewise, Repsol has adhered to the Anonymous Résumé Protocol of the Spanish Ministry of Equality and Social Affairs, designed to eliminate any potential gender bias in personnel selection processes. Furthermore, we are developing female talent maps in the businesses, with specific initiatives to increase female leadership by 2020.

Flexibility and work-life balance

In flexibility and work-life balance, our Company is recognized for promoting new work methods that facilitate this balance. The teleworking program is one of the most widely accepted and highly regarded programs. A total of 2,267 employees currently use this system.

In 2018, specific commitments have been included in terms of work-life balance and diversity in the sustainability plans for the different countries. One of the main achievements has been flexible hours around the world, adapted to the customs of each country.

In Spain, we have recognized the right to disconnect, to avoid interference in the work-life balance. This is why we have defined awareness and information tools aimed at leaders and employees.

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One of the keys to talent management is to have an attractive development model that offers opportunities for professional growth. In 2018, the profiles and skills that will be critical to respond to the strategic challenges of the company in the medium term were identified. To do so, the opinions of 35 executives and 120 employees were collected through interviews and workshops. This information will improve selection or mobility processes, in addition to aiding the development of employee skills.

Internal mobility is another essential component in developing the skills of the company’s professionals, as it promotes learning and career development. This is why we encourage them to take on new responsibilities within and outside the same business or area. We also promote international assignments, which promote the extension of best practices in management and cultural development and integration. In 2018, there were 2,665 transfers around the world.

On the other hand, we have an updated training offering to improve our employees training so they can contribute more to the achievement of our strategic objectives. In total, over 80% of the workforce participated in training activities in 2018, with an investment of 600 euros per person.

Lastly, our company continues to be committed to the inclusion of young talent, with the adaptation of master's programs to the current environment, in order to train new professionals. We also grant internships to university and vocational education students, around 600 in 2018.

  2017 2018
New professionals completing our Master program 52 66
University internship agreements to consolidate training 444 497
Medium and higher level vocational training internships (1) 100 88
(1) These figures include students from medium and higher level vocational training cycles, with a high percentage of these joining Repsol’s workforce through various job vacancies. In 2018, Repsol continued the commitment it had undertaken with the FP Dual program.
  2017 2018
Nº of teleworkers worldwide 2,003 2,267