A scholarship program allows
differently-abled people to complete
professional internships at Repsol

Image 'Adding Energy' Program

At Repsol, we believe that equal opportunities attract diversity and that diversity enriches us all. For this reason, we promote higher education and quality employment for differently-abled people.

Two years ago, we created the “Adding Energy” scholarship program in collaboration with the Universia Foundation. It helps differently-abled people complete professional internships with us for periods of six months.

These scholarships are aimed at university students and recent graduates in Business Administration and Management, Economics, Publicity and Public Relations, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Industrial Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The students form part of different departments in the Company, such as Trading, Exploration and Production, Refining, or Marketing, among others. In addition, the internships include training in English and key competences.

A commitment to inclusion

Only one out of four differently-abled people is employed in Spain. The figure is 50% when it comes to highly-qualified people, as detailed in the first report from the Observatory on Disability and the Labor Market in Spain (ODISMET, Spanish acronym) by the Once Foundation.

Today, 570 differently-abled people with work at Repsol, 2.29% of the workforce.

One of those people is Antonio Gómez Parra, a young man from Seville who was born with congenital cataracts that left him with approximately 10% vision. He joined Repsol in January 2018 and works as a Point of Sale Monitoring and Control Technician for our network of service stations.

"I was truly surprised at how well integrated differently-abled people are here," Antonio emphasized. He recalls that when he was invited to participate in the Masters in Energy Management, one of the first conversations he had with the Medical Center staff. "They asked me what my needs were, and they described the different tools they could make available to me, so I could complete my work, like any other employee."

Antonio invites “those that are on the fence” to take part in this type of call: "the range of opportunities offered by an energy company is very broad. There's room for everyone and you will never run into obstacles if you need your position adapted to your physical needs."

Today, 570 differently-abled people work at Repsol, 2.29% of the workforce