Repsol rewards three students
from the University of Texas for promoting
innovation and scientific professions

Image Repsol Innovation Awards

At Repsol, we are convinced that innovation is the key to shaping a more efficient and sustainable energy model. For this reason, we organize various initiatives to promote STEM studies (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) among the youngest students.

An example of this work can be found in Houston, where we collaborate with high schools and universities to recognize students who show a greater commitment to science and true abilities for innovation. With this objective, in 2017, the Repsol Student Innovation Awards were born.

University students

In 2018, the winners in the university category were Audrey Pfeil, Mark Reid, and Saad Siddique, three post-graduate students in Energy and Earth Resources at the University of Texas.

Audrey was born in Texas, Mark in Scotland, and Saad in India. They come from different continents, but they all share a passion for sciences and a common dream: guarantee access to efficient and sustainable energy all over the world.

Saad, for example, wants to focus on finding solutions for energy and water shortages in his country, while working with organizations that raise awareness of the importance of using resources responsibly. Audrey, meanwhile, wants to specialize in efficient and responsible water management, something she has dreamed of since visiting the Big Bend National Park at the tender age of seven. Mark, however, is more interested in the financial side of things, incorporating sustainability criteria into energy resource management.

The multidisciplinary jury comprising ten Houston employees evaluated the students’ thought processes, communication skills, technical experience, and capacity for innovation as well as their knowledge of the energy sector and their ideas for how to improve it.

High school students

In addition to these post-graduate awards, Repsol organized an event to recognize students at Conroe ISD who stood out the most in the year’s science fair. In this ceremony, the students could submit their projects and talk about their future plans in the world of science to three members of NASA, including astronaut Anna Fisher.

The Repsol Student Innovation Awards recognizes the scientific merits of students in the Houston area