Teaching children
to be more energy efficient

The Fundación Repsol's 'LearningEnergy' program provides youngsters with a fun insight into the world of energy

Image 'LearningEnergy' Program

Fundación Repsol runs an educational program, LearningEnergy, the aim of which is to raise awareness among future generations as to energy challenges, to arouse their critical spirit and make them more sensitive to the importance of responsible energy use by all of us to build a more sustainable world.

The program comprises a number of projects and initiatives both inside and outside the classroom, and involved over 50,000 primary and secondary school students in 2018. The highlight activities are the LearningEnergy Workshops and Energy with Consciousness.

The LearningEnergy Workshops help them to learn about current and future energy challenges through fun educational games, which also activate their creativity and teamwork. They are intended for students from year 7 to year 10. Since it was first launched in late 2016, the workshops have been attended by nearly 12,000 students from 240 schools in Cartagena, Puertollano, A Coruña, Madrid, Tarragona and Vizcaya.

The "Big Energy Mix Challenge" game turns students into energy managers. The participants find out about the different sources of energy, understand transformation processes and discover the value and importance of knowing which energy sources are most appropriate in accordance with the circumstances of each country, as they all are and will be needed for a viable and sustainable energy transition.

Before they begin, the boys and girls take part in the fun "Energy Olympics" trials, where they are called on to demonstrate their skills and knowledge about energy and sustainability. The game helps the students to understand the importance of making responsible use of energy resources.

LearningEnergy provided over 50,000 primary and secondary school students with an insight into the world of energy and future challenges during 2018

Energy with Consciousness

Energy with Consciousness is an educational project focusing on energy and energy efficiency, raising youngsters' understanding as to the responsible use of resources. The initiative is intended for students in years 10 and 11. In the 2018-2013 academic year a total of 36 schools took part in the Madrid, Cantabria and Murcia regions and the provinces of A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Tarragona and Vizcaya. During the project the students undertake a series of hands-on workshops and experiments in the classroom, centered on simulating an energy audit of their own school. This provides the youngsters with an insight into the concept of energy efficiency, as they learn how to reduce energy, water and heat consumption. The activities also encourage research, creativity and teamwork skills.

One notable aspect is the involvement of Repsol volunteers, both current and retired employees of the company, who visit the schools to stage the different activities with the students and help them to perform their audit.

The participants also have the opportunity to present the results of their audit and proposals for improvement at the Energy with Consciousness Championship, in which the two best projects receive prizes of 7,000 and 3,000 euros respectively to implement the proposed improvements to make their school more efficient.

The project is now in its fifth year, with 133 schools, over 5,000 students, and 300 Repsol volunteers having taken part.

Energy with Consciousness allows secondary education students to conduct an energy audit of their school and learn how to use energy efficiently

Mobile Classroom

The Fundación Repsol Mobile Classroom is an educational showcase project providing youngsters with an insight into the world of oil, the different sources of energy and the importance of responsible consumption.

A series of educational and interactive activities guided by specialist educators allow the participants to discover at first hand the oil and gas value chain, the processes of exploration and production, how a refinery works, through an interactive model, and a number of the derivative products obtained from the petrochemical industry that we see in our daily life.

Since it was first launched in 2013, the Mobile Classroom has traveled to more than 450 towns around Spain and received over 191,000 visitors, most of them primary and secondary school students. In 2016, it visited Portugal for the first time, where it was warmly welcomed by the educational community.

At our workshops the participants discover the importance of all forms of energy for a more sustainable energy transition