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In 2018, Repsol bought Viesgo's unregulated low-emission electricity generation businesses, as well as its gas and electricity retail business. The assets acquired include three hydroelectric plants in northern Spain and two combined-cycle gas plants in Escatrón (Zaragoza) and Algeciras (Cadiz).

Once the operation was completed, in November, Repsol began to operate in the electricity –generation and electricity– and gas retail business in Spain through a new subsidiary, Repsol Electricidad y Gas. We have 830.00 customers (over 2% market share) and our goal is to reach a figure of 2.5 million (5% market share) by 2025.

Our commercial offer includes cutting-edge digital solutions, 100% low emission certified electricity, exclusive benefits for customers, and discounts in our network of service stations. As of March 2019, El Corte Inglés customers can sign up for Repsol electricity and gas services and benefit from customized fees and discounts on gas.

This promotional offer of electricity and gas will be extended in mid-June to all customers with an El Corte Inglés card, currently over 11 million. We have a total installed capacity of 2,952 megawatts (MW), which we aim to increase to 4,500 MW by 2025.

With this goal in mind, we acquired a stake in Valdesolar Hive, which plans to develop a photovoltaic plant in Valdecaballeros (Badajoz) by 2020, with an installed capacity of 264 MW. After this incorporation, we will reach over 70% of our strategic objective is building low-emission generation capacity.

HYDROELECTRIC PLANTS (1) Installed capacity (MW)
Oviedo – Navia 202
Picos de Europa – Picos 114
Aguilar – Aguayo Aguilar 388
Total 704
COMBINED CYCLE PLANTS Installed capacity (MW)
Zaragoza – Escatrón 818
Algeciras – Bahía de algeciras 830
Total 1,648
Total 2,952

(1) Hydroelectric plants are a renewable and efficient source of electricity and serve to store usable electricity in times at which there is a deficit in other renewable sources.

(2) Plants belonging to the Group located in industrial complexes in Tarragona, Santander and Cartagena and their Chemical and Refining activities.

total installed capacity
goal by 2025
retail electricity
and gas market
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