Innovation and energy efficiency are the pillars of the future at the Petronor refinery, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018
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We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Petronor

Founded in 1968, our refinery in Muskiz (Basque Country) has a processing capacity of 12 million tons per year. Thanks to a 1-billion-euro investment, at the beginning of this decade, a new fuel-oil reduction unit was built that has positioned the refinery at the cutting edge of industrial facilities with the largest conversion capacities in Europe.

In October 2018, His Majesty King Felipe VI attended the laying of the first stone of the new facilities which will house, among other activities, the engineering and development, maintenance, and reliability areas, among others. This project is based on innovation as a fundamental pillar for the refinery's future.

The Muskiz refinery currently provides work to close to 900 people directly, though if we add indirect and induced employment, the figure is more than 6,000 workers, making it the largest generator of employment in the area.

In the Muskiz plant, nearly 90 million euros are invested annually with the objective of reaching the highest levels of competitiveness, energy efficiency, and productivity. The goal of Petronor is to position itself among the most efficient refining plants in the world.

In recent years, Petronor has transformed itself through digitalization, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, and big data. It has the Petronor Innovación company, which collaborates with other scientific and technical players in the energy and advanced manufacturing field.