Our digitalization program will provide
an estimated return of 1,000 million euros
by 2022
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Digitalization, the key to unlock growth

Currently, 130 initiatives are underway to improve efficiency, safety, data enhancement, resource optimization, or agility, as well as to respond to customers' needs as they seek to access more customized and advanced services.

The initiatives include real-time monitoring of operations, mobile applications to improve safety in the maintenance tasks of industrial complexes, and new non-oil business models at “connected” service stations.

Over 1,000 professionals are involved in this task, which extends to the entire organization and, with the implementation of technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, omnichannel, RPA and blockchain, it will help us establish ourselves as a global multi-energy company.

In 2018, over 90 million euros were allocated to digital initiatives and, in 2019, this figure i expected to be close to 150 million.

Digitalization will bring us profits value at 300 million euros per year in 2020 and rise to 1 billion by 2022, both through new revenue and through the optimization of investments and expenses. It will also provide greater process safety, contribute to reducing emissions, and promote initiatives related to the circular economy.