We have opened over 180 service stations in Mexico and started to produce lubricants there
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Internationalization of our commercial businesses

The Downstream business continued its international expansion strategy in 2018, especially in the Marketing and Lubricants businesses.

In March 2018, the first Repsol service stations in Mexico were opened and we have an ambitious plan to reach a market share in this country of 8-10% by 2022, investing about 400 million euros.

Repsol already has 180 service stations up and running and contracts to expand that number to 240. We have also participated in three projects to create logistical infrastructure in the country, with which we will increase our storage capacity to over 750,000 barrels.

In November, Repsol acquired the Puma Energy business in Peru, which allowed us to incorporate 23 new service stations to our network and increase sales in the country by 10%. In total, we have 560 stations in the country.

The lubricants business is one of the most international in the company, operating in over 90 countries. One of them is Mexico.

In this country, Repsol completed, in 2018, the acquisition of 40% of Bardahl, a local company. This joint venture produces and markets lubricants under both brands, in addition to serving as a production center for the lubricants we sell in all Latin America. This operation will contribute to our goal to double sales in the business until we reach 300,000 tons by 2021.

On the other hand, our Company started to sell lubricants online in November, through our own channel on Amazon. In 2019, we will also be able to sell them in Portugal, the UK, France, and Germany.