Forbes magazine emphasized the company's commitment to new strategic businesses
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Josu Jon Imaz, the best CEO in Spain

In 2018, Josu Jon Imaz led the list of the best CEOs which Forbes magazine publishes every year, recognizing executives whose work and business management skills have stood out among all Spanish companies.

Forbes noted that our CEO “was able to lead Repsol during the last oil crisis, which brought about the end of many companies in the industry worldwide, and is managing to strongly reduce debt, all while developing new businesses for this multinational company”.

Furthermore, it pointed out that “the profits of the last year are the crown on a transformation that has had a powerful impact on its income sources, its debt, and its capacity to innovate”.

The prize was awarded by a national and international jury made up of investment banks, asset managers, headhunters, consultants, and business schools.

The editorial values of Forbes were also taken into account, such as commitment to innovation, the defense of free enterprise, and leadership, in addition to compliance with good business practices.